About us

About Us

Our Background

Clean Soul Clean City has a long legacy when our founder, Wayne Zschech, began some innovative projects to enable his congregation in taking initiative to create solutions to their community's problems to help them alleviate the problems, earn a living for their families and gain gospel access through relationships to those in the community who engage with the projects.

The history of exciting projects began with growing mushrooms in the basement of the local church. This provided food and jobs for many at the time, improved morale of the community seeing how they use their hands to produce something of value. They then began cleaning up the green waste in the town to produce biogas through digesting the waste which was used for heating. This then stepped up to the biodiesel project which collected many tonnes of waste cooking oil from McDonald’s and converted it to useful vehicle fuel.

The current pyrolysis project has dominated the last six years of Wayne’s innovation as he sees this project as being most suited to maximising the impact of our goals. The team and investment into the project has grown significantly over these past couple years with progress accelerating today with increasing connections and investment. 


The Team

The current team is formed from many both working physically here in Ukraine and remotely around the world.