Get involved

Get Involved

We welcome partners from all backgrounds to get involved with us. You have the opportunity to be involved with a world impacting project which strikes multiple goals:

  • Seeing the good news of Jesus Christ spread through our business networks, how we do business and with a portion of our profits being used to finance church planting.
  • Dealing with the environment crisis being caused by plastic waste being left in the environment and using it to produce a useful and marketable fuel products.
  • Creating thousands of fair paying jobs to provide for thousands of families in countries suffering from prolonged economic hardship.

Join the “Clean Soul – Clean City” Team! We offer internships for students looking to improve their professional skills and explore the possibility of God calling them overseas to work in roles using their skills which allow them to share the gospel with those who may have never met another Christian in their lifetime.  

Become a “Clean Soul – Clean City” Financial Supporter! We are seeking your investment and regular financial support to empower us on our quest. Your contribution will accelerate the projects progress, allowing our goals to be realized sooner.